In order to stay on top of your visual health, we recommend having an eye test at least every 2 years regardless of your age and physical condition.

Changes to the eye can take place gradually over time, and may not be immediately noticeable to you. If you wear contact lenses, your optometrist will usually recommend that you visit for a eye health check up every 12 months.


During your eye exam, your optometrist will assess both your vision and the health of your eyes. They will:

  • Measure your ability to see near and at a distance without visual aids
  • Test your binocular vision to see how well your eyes work in coordination with each other
  • Examine your eye’s reaction to colour, light and movement
  • Detect, monitor and control any eye diseases by testing the pressure of your eye
  • Assess the retina, blood vessels and top of the optic nerve for any irregularities
  • Look for ocular signs of general health problems

Based on the outcome of the eye exam, your optometrist will provide their recommendation.