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EYEPRO is a network of independent optometrists and dispensing opticians. The largest in the country!
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Why Choose An EYEPRO Optometrist?

Comprehensive Eye Care

Eyecare is much more than seeing clearly. It's a good idea to have your eyes checked at least every 2 years or even more often if you have a family history of eye problems such as glaucoma or early cataracts.

Quality Eyewear

Our independent optometrists stock a wide range of optical and sunglass frames. Many styles and boutique brands to help you achieve your unique look!


We focus on comprehensive eye care, with the latest technology. Experience the difference with an EYEPRO optometrist today!


Both optical and sunglass frames are a stylish element to your everyday look. Pick up more than one pair!
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Wide Range of Brands

Our independent optometry practices can help you find your unique look!