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    Tom FrowdeTom Frowde

      Hi Everyone,

      We’re pleased to be able to offer you this space for collaboration and sharing of information between Eyepro members. It’s meant to be a simple way to post any topics that you may wish to discuss or get input from other members. Currently, it’s a members section only with no suppliers able to access this portal, so feel free to discuss freely amongst yourselves.

      Please keep all information contained within the portal as confidential to Eyepro and it’s membership.

      You are welcome to post everything from Equipment for sale, New Job Vacancies and even chat about best practices in dispensing and anything that you may be struggling with in your practice that may be worth sharing with others to gain input.

      This is a new tool available to members for 2024 and beyond, but as always you can email me at [email protected] anytime if you have any issues accessing or using our members portal here. For technical support, or a wishlist of features, you can reach out to Robert at OPTOM.EDGE who has coordinated this members section and will assist to run it ongoing, you can email Robert at [email protected].

      That’s it for now, once you successfully login, how about leaving a comment on this post to let everyone know that you’re now “online” within the members portal.

      Thanks everyone.

      Best regards,
      Tom Frowde


      This looks great Tom 🙂 Thanks for providing this for us all.


      Thanks Tom for your work behind the scenes!

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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